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99% of firms face challenges due to multiple cloud platforms

A recent report has indicated that nearly 99% of businesses are facing challenges when managing multiple cloud platforms. The findings, published by the Cloud Industry Forum, showed that most companies struggle with such issues as data and communication silos, lack of visibility into cloud usage and cost optimisation, and inadequate authorisation control.

According to the survey respondents, data complexity is one of the biggest issues they deal with when using multiple clouds. Many businesses are struggling to find a way to effectively analyse and use their information across different cloud services. Additionally, distributed data storage results in higher operational costs for organisations since they have to pay multiple vendors for their services.

Another challenge highlighted in the survey was communication silos between teams which can lead to inefficient collaboration. With multiple cloud providers, each team tends to work independently creating an environment where it is difficult for them to share information and coordinate tasks with other departments. This can result in duplication of efforts and longer delivery times for projects.

Furthermore, visibility into cloud usage was identified as a major problem faced by companies dealing with multiple platforms. As teams work on various projects in different environments within the same company it’s hard for IT staff to monitor all activities from a single location or get an overview of what’s happening across their organisation. This issue often extends beyond tracking resource allocation as it becomes difficult for IT professionals to ensure safe implementations of security measures or detect anomalies in usage patterns quickly enough.

Finally, many firms reported that authorisation control was inadequate due to complexities presented by multi-cloud infrastructures without proper governance frameworks in place. Companies find it difficult to keep track of who has access to what resources or be able to adjust access rights easily in an ever-changing environment.

The report concluded that these challenges could be addressed through better visibility over all used cloud services and proactive cost management solutions which could help companies optimise expenses associated with multi-cloud deployments while maintaining control over their entire infrastructure.

By taking a holistic approach to cloud management, businesses can be better equipped to handle the complexities associated with multi-cloud environments. Such solutions could provide IT professionals with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their organisation’s cloud infrastructure and help them reduce costs while staying on top of security issues. Ultimately, having better visibility into cloud usage and cost optimisation will enable companies to leverage the full potential of multiple cloud platforms without compromising their ability to deliver high quality services.