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Create a Secure Network with a Reliable Zero Trust Model

Protect your network and the integrity of your organisation by implementing a Zero Trust approach to traffic.

Growing Hybrid and Cloud Networks Introduce Security Weaknesses

Traditional network perimeter-based security models offered organisations some peace of mind. By assuming that all traffic inside your network was protected by your firewall and trusted, risk, for the most part, was managed.

But as cloud-enabled applications and mobility are rapidly becoming the new norm, organisations can no longer rely on the old methods to protect their assets.

Security policies can no longer be based solely on whether a request originates from inside or outside the organisation perimeter. The rapidly evolving threat landscape increases the risk of data and financial losses, and of paralysed operations.


What is Zero Trust?

Instead of believing everything inside the organisations firewall is safe, the Zero Trust model assumes breach and a “never trust, always verify” access approach.

Every request, regardless of whether it originated externally or internally, is strongly authenticated, authorised, and inspected for anomalies.

“Least privileged access” principles and micro-segmentation are applied to minimise lateral movement should a breach occur. Zero Trust is a critical security methodology for organisations that increasingly rely on SaaS and cloud-based applications.


Protect Your Evolving Network

Unique Solutions

Innovate has delivered Zero Trust for major public and private sector clients and we understand that different organisational requirements, existing technology implementations and security stages all affect how a Zero Trust model implementation is planned. Using a maturity model, we help to assess your readiness and we build a plan with you to get to Zero Trust.

Key Principles Applied

A new reality requires new principles that help organisations better manage their security without compromising operational efficiency. When implementing Zero Trust models, we exercise the following principles:

Verify Explicitly

Always authenticate and authorise traffic based on available data points, including user identity, location, device health, service or workload, and data classification and anomalies.

Use Least Privilege Access

Limit user access with Just in Time and Just Enough Access to protect both data and productivity.

Assume Breach

Minimise blast radius for breaches and employ security strategy to prevent lateral movement.

A Structured Approach

Innovate works closely with clients and is able to develop a Zero Trust model by determining where your organisation is in its maturity cycle and create a roadmap to realise optimal maturity over time. We are able to define and deliver against your business case and roadmap, delivering projects at pace and to budget, using senior experts in the field.


Assess your organisations Zero Trust Readiness.

Design and Build

Design and build solutions that address applications where it is not feasible or economic to support Zero Trust, allowing them to co-exist in a Zero Trust world while enabling the wider Zero Trust Roadmap to be delivered.

Build Business Case

Build the Zero Trust business case, storyboard, and roadmap for your organisation.

Perform Analysis

Perform an analysis of your applications to determine re-engineering and configurations to meet Zero Trust requirements.


Re-engineer/architect your platforms and applications to support Zero Trust. Examples include:

  • Implementing new gateways and controls into cloud environments
  • Engineering cloud-ready desktops
  • Modernising your applications to deliver Zero Trust
  • Building the identity and monitoring capabilities required to support Zero Trust applications and data
Develop Architecture

Develop your reference architecture for Zero Trust.

Realise Your Zero Trust Model With Us

Innovate is home to a team of experienced and highly skilled practitioners. We’ve successfully delivered Zero Trust models to well-known private and public organisations, helping them streamline security and operations, and making steps forward in reducing risk and returning trust to their digital estate.

Our expertise across networks, migrations, identity, infrastructure, devices, applications, transformation, and data makes us the perfect fit for security-conscious and cloud-ready organisations. We bring our combined specialist knowledge together to provide the best value to our clients, helping them align investments with business needs, and focus on quick wins by reducing risk and improving the security posture of their operations.