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Transform Your Cloud Security Model into a Single, Effective Operating Framework

Build a unified model that supports all environments and your security and operations teams.

Growing Cloud and Hybrid Networks Introduce Security Weaknesses

Transitioning to the cloud isn’t a simple or clear path for many organisations. Between balancing technical capabilities (which are often in short supply) with applications that span across on-premise and cloud environments, security falls by the wayside.

Where creating a cloud ecosystem that prevents breaches and attacks while offering clear incident response and other mission-critical safeguards should be prioritised, older reactive systems are applied but simply don’t work.

Organisations fall prey to attacks and the tools they’ve come to rely on fail to protect them, leaving security and operations teams overwhelmed by the devastating effects of network compromise.


A Holistic Approach to Managed Cloud Platform Efficiency

Well-oiled managed cloud platforms enable organisations to enjoy leaner operational resourcing without losing sight of key business objectives or compromising on service delivery or security.

One Cloud Security Framework for Total Control

To realise a secure cloud ecosystem, organisations must develop a single security operating framework that supports all environments and security and operations teams. Our approach to successful SecOps transitions includes the creation of a complete framework and transition plan that integrates with your larger cloud transition strategies and prioritises security.

This includes:

  • A SecOps Framework
  • A Revised Security Operating Model
  • Integrated Toolsets
  • Increased Automation
  • An Integrated Approach

Build a Stronger, Resilient Cloud Network with Us

Innovate is the preferred SecOps solutions provider for well-known private and public sector organisations in the UK.

Our extensive experience in finance and government operations has seen our specialist security and service architects successfully implement complex SecOps solutions in environments with tight regulation and security controls.

Innovate's specialists are experienced and certified to work with leading security-related vendors, including but not limited to Cisco, VMWare, Splunk, Fortinet, Cyberark. Cybershark, and Tenable.




A State-of-the-Art Operations Centre

We operate out of a state-of-the-art, UK-based infrastructure operations centre and our team comprises qualified security and delivery managers, architects and engineers with government clearance.

  • 24×7 Service Desk with Engineering Support.
  • UK based Infrastructure Operations Centre, with real time
  • monitoring and proactive support capability.
  • Accredited professional services team, complemented by ‘smart hands’ on site technicians.
  • Infrastructure as Code’ configured network platforms, to reduce time to change and providing self-healing capabilities.
  • ISO27001 accredited.
  • ITIL aligned.
  • Comprehensive suite of service, operations and security management tools for Service Management, Incidents, Change, Event and Performance Monitoring and Alerting, Asset and Releases.
  • Proactive monitoring through automation and shift left approach enabling first time resolution.
  • Named Service Manager, service reviews and service reporting.
  • Access to real-time dashboards and reports