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Capitalise on Efficiency with Managed Endpoint Support

Optimise resources for a lean and effective managed business experience.

Managed Endpoint Support

Managed endpoint support is a fundamental IT service that enables businesses to operate efficiently while safeguarding endpoint devices. 

By employing expert technical support, robust security measures, and continuous monitoring, managed endpoint support mitigates the chances of downtime, reduces the chances of a cyber-attack, and maximizes productivity.

This service is essential for companies of all kinds and sizes since endpoint spread over company staff, leaving them prone to cyber-attacks, compatibility issues, and other common technical setbacks.

If your business is unprepared or at risk, it's time to engage with managed endpoint support services today.


A Holistic Approach to Managed Cloud Platform Efficiency

Well-oiled managed cloud platforms enable organisations to enjoy leaner operational resourcing without losing sight of key business objectives or compromising on service delivery or security.

Features of Managed Endpoint Support

With Innovate Managed Endpoint Support you can be safe in the knowledge that someone is always keeping you safe.
  • 24/7 monitoring and management
    Managed endpoint support provides continuous monitoring of endpoint devices to ensure that they are functioning optimally. This includes detecting and resolving issues before they impact productivity.

  • Regular maintenance and patching
    On a routine basis, managed endpoint support includes updating patches, software, and firmware, as well as troubleshooting any issues. This helps businesses avoid productivity losses and downtime due to bugs or other software issues.

  • Security and threat management
    Managed endpoint support involves robust security measures such as antivirus, antimalware, and firewall software to protect against a range of threats such as phishing, ransomware, and malware.

  • Data protection
    Managed endpoint support includes data backup and recovery solutions to secure all important company data in the event of a natural disaster or hardware failure.

  • Remote support and on-site service
    Managed endpoint support usually includes both remote support over the phone or online and on-site support as needed. This ensures expedited assistance to users and rapid issue resolution to mitigate interruptions.

Benefits of Managed Endpoint Support

We operate out of a state-of-the-art, UK-based infrastructure operations centre and our team comprises of qualified security and delivery managers, architects and engineers with government clearance.

  • Increased productivity: The managed endpoint support ensures that endpoint devices are well-maintained, up-to-date and function, optimally, which maximizes productivity of company employees.

  • Enhanced Security: Managed endpoint support provides a comprehensive approach to security, which mitigates internal risks and reduces the chances of a cyber-attack to your computer networks.

  • Risk Mitigation: Managed endpoint support proactively identifies and solves endpoint technical issues, which mitigates the risk of experiencing downtime and service interruptions.

  • Better resource usage: By monitoring resource usage, managed endpoint support can detect inefficient computer usage and recommend more efficient practices.

  • Customized solutions: Managed endpoint support can provide tailored IT solutions to companies with different requirements for various reasons.