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Strengthen Your Organisation’s Competitive Advantage With Application Modernisation

Transform old and legacy applications into future-proof tools that improve operational efficiency.

Legacy Applications Can Introduce More Harm Than Benefit

Bespoke software can be a gamechanger. When it is designed to deliver specific value that nothing else on the market can, it places your organisation in an opportune position to thrive.

But over time, custom applications can present more headache than value. Most custom-designed applications are expensive to maintain. They are seldom updated with much-needed security patches, exposing your organisation to risk.

As legacy software slows or fails to perform, it also doesn’t play well with the rest of your technology ecosystem with productivity taking a nosedive, and worse yet, you lose star staff members who feel under-resourced and unable to deliver peak performance.


Application Modernisation as a Solution

Tipping the scales back in your favour is possible. Application modernisation presents organisations with various options that capitalise on the cloud. You can transform your legacy applications into future-proof tools that make it easier to enjoy resilience, greater security from cyber threats, cut costs, and still meet your strategic objectives without affecting performance.


A Complete Framework for Application Modernisation

Our Discovery, Roadmap, Operating Model, Migrate and Cloud-Native Development framework helps organisations maximise the potential of modern cloud applications.

With it, we’ll identify and mark applications for one of the following treatments:

  • Rehosted – simply moved to a new hosting platform, e.g., Azure, without any changes
  • Replatformed – like re-hosting but with minor upgrades to versions of the operating system or databases
  • Refactored – modernisation of the application to leverage cloud-native technologies
  • Replaced – moved to a modern commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product or cloud-native SaaS solution
  • Retained – some applications remain as-is, e.g., due to a current replacement roadmap underway
  • Retired – determined as no longer needed and either archived in cheaper hosting solutions or decommissioned

Modernise Your Applications With Us

Innovate is equipped with various tools and methods to move even the oldest applications. Your organisation will benefit from modern, cloud-native services that are elastic, self-aware, self-healing, can auto-scale, can be deployed by script, are evergreen, secure, and resilient, and are supported with full health and security 24×7 monitoring.

We have a team of expert consultants ready to design a modernisation plan aligned with your business profile and risk appetite. We’re ready to manage even the oldest of applications and ensure that your organisation doesn’t lose productivity while we help you transition.

We’ll help you:

  • Discover and identify the most appropriate treatment
  • Build a Business Case and Roadmap for transformation
  • Transform people (skills, training, experience), processes (cloud native, CICD, DevOps, SecOps, FinOps) and technology (automation, standardisation, simplification) for this modern way of working
  • Decommission legacy estate and realise full benefits of the cloud
  • Manage your modernisation project and complete it expediently with zero impact on your operation